Sunday, 22 February 2009

I was tagged by the spider!

I have to tell you 20 facts about myself

1) I was born in Germany and lived there til i was 6. My mum is german.
2) Although I spell my name Tanya it is actually spelt Tanja on all my official documents. Its easier to spell it with a Y, as i was getting really annoyed with people saying tan-jar!
3) My mum and dad live in bulgaria.
4) I have 11 tattoos.
5) I used to have 19 peircings.
6) I now only have 12 peircings that are still open
7) My cat is the cutest in the world!
8) I passed my driving test 1st time.
9) I have been with my boyfriend (kevmo) for 5 years in may.
10) I have given all my cars names. Ron the renault, Nigel the nova, and now i have Pedro the peugeot.
11) I used to have pink hair as you can tell by my pic on the right.
12) I currently have a mullet as im trying to grow my hair.
13) I hate baked beans.
14) I also hate peas, make me want to be sick!
15) I work in a call centre for a DIY and building supplies company.
16) I have been cardmaking for about 3 years.
17) I have 1 older brother
18) I really really really want a Pug and i will call him Lenny.Kevmo says theyre ugly and im never allowed 1
19) I live just up the road from the spidery 1
20) I never realised I was so boring!

I will tag Alex, Nat, and i cant think who else! lol


kay said...

wicked answers tanmo,i had my nose pierced when 30 and had a allergic reaction!!!! so have to stick to earrings now.x

Eisbärin said...

Hello Tanya,
sorry, only seen this now... thanks for tagging me, I am off to answer now!